We proudly introduce CPR

(Customs Process Re-engineering)

We are thrilled to announce an exciting venture that brings

(Redon2) and (Otimo Customs) together.

CPR is an offering to all industries that are looking to improve their logistics processes.

So what is this CPR? ...

The CPR Initiative is a full strategic review of your internal import/export processes to validate alignment to the current modernization and enhacements to CBSA systems, processes and compliance measures.

Recognizing the crucial role technology plays in this domain, our partnership aims to revolutionize the customs industry by delivering cutting-edge technical solutions tailored to the unique needs of customs industry.

We aim to create a formidable force that drives innovation, efficiency, and transparency in cross-border trade. Through the CPR innitiative, we intend to revolutionize how the customs clearence process operates in the digital age.

The CPR Initiative

Welcome to the future of the customs industry, powered by our game-changing partnership.

What do you get?

Through CPR, we offer an end-to-end approach to customs process optimization, addressing the key pain points and challenges faced by organizations in the ever-changing landscape of international trade. Our team will assess existing systems and procedures to identify areas for improvement, streamlining operations, and ensuring seamless compliance with CBSA, CBP, PGA, and other regulatory bodies.

System integration & automation

Data integrity

Best practices

Streamlined processes

Exposure to risk:

Audits, AMPS Penalties, Reason To Believe, Security Breaches

Why do you need to do a CPR?

CPR empowers organizations to re-engineer their customs/logistics processes, aligning them with best practices and regulatory requirements. By embracing the CPR initiative, businesses can enhance their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and achieve a higher level of compliance, strengthening their position in the global trade market.

Driving digital transformation

Streamline processes for operational efficiencies

Risk Management strategies

Changing status quo!

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What do we offer?

We deliver a comprehensive and detailed report that forms the foundation for transforming your customs operations. This report includes a thorough GAP analysis, highlighting the gaps between your current processes and regulatory requirements. By identifying these gaps, we provide you with valuable insights into areas that need improvement to enhance compliance and mitigate risks.


A review strategy to ensure that your operations stay current with global trade import/export requirements, technology, automation and exposure to risk.


A key part to your maintenance program after completing your CPR. Tariff Hippo provides a comprehensive database platform for your products with a click of a button.

Technology Solutions

Integrations and technical help catered to your current system implementations that aim to improve and streamline operational processes.

Automation Opportunities

Asking the right questions to create the scripts needed to link opportunities for automation and integration effectiveness.

Risk Management

Helping you identify, evaluate and prioritize risk factors for trade compliance, security, data, system failures, border closures, blockades, strikes and proactively mitigate adverse impacts.


Navigating the modernization of customs changes by providing the direction needed to align your processes with changes that also support your continued growth and progress. Success always comes from evolution.

Are you ready to start?

In under 15 minutes of your time we can guide you and your organization to be more compliant and organized.